EDAMS NDM encourages a certain level of abstraction in system network elements. This is why elements such as pump stations and treatment plants are represented by a single point in the GIS window. The system provides the ability to create more complex hierarchies inside these compound elements, and not overload the GIS window with more information than necessary.

Create new custom elements from components

In the System Administration window, navigate to Project > Elements Definition > Water to see a list of all water network elements currently in use:

The first tab, Standard/System Elements are the predefined elements that already exist, and cannot be modified. To view and add new custom elements, select the Custom Elements tab:

You can add new custom elements by clicking the  button:

Mark the Selected checkbox for each element type you wish to create.

Tip: Double-click any element name to see a photo and detailed description for it:

Finally, to create the new element type, click the  button.

Tip: The above procedure is used to create the definition for a new asset. It doesn’t create an actual element in the database.