Apart from the custom elements which are already created and placed in the system library, utilities can decide to add extra custom data (elements) which are not in the system. These extra custom data will be listed in our MMS-Template specifically from row 231 and below.

Procedure To Import/Create Custom Data In System Library

Since each element should be linked with different details as shown on the above photo, then the below procedure must be followed:

  1. Create Custom Element Type: i.e., Collector.

Go to System Administration->Project->Element Definitions->Water Network Elements then select Custom Element Tab and click on plus symbol.

The below window will appear. Insert the name of your custom element and save.

Once you click a save button, the element details window pop-up and now you can  add all the necessary details needed for the created custom element. Don’t forget to tick Has Maintenance checkbox on Element Type Options Tab.

Click ok and you are done.

2. Create Service Type if not exist. i.e.., Portable Water

3. Create Maintenance Activities. Link them with Element Type and Service Type.
To create Maintenance Activities Go to System Administration->and follow images below:

4. Create Complaint Type Category if not exist.

5. Create Complaint Type. Link with the Category if needed, Service Type, Corresponding EDAMS Element(s) and Corresponding Maintenance Activities.

Example of complaint type:

a. Spostimi i tubit

b. Demtim/Rrjedhje ne valvulat kryesore te kolektorit

c. Shtim tubi

Refer the below image for more info.

Once you finish to add and link all the necessary details, click Ok and you are done.