Inventory Items are certain items which are drew from the stores to complete a job according to its type. This document describes how to update or synchronize these store items in your stores. Below is a screenshot shows few numbers of the inventory items.

Procedure To Update/Synchronize Inventory Items

Since each element should be linked with different details as shown on the above photo, then template which contains three sheets (WAREHOUSE, INVENT_GROUP and INVENT_ITEMS) will be provided and the below procedure must be followed:

  1. Fill all your warehouses in the WAREHOUSE sheet by replacing the dummy data provided with your data.

2. Fill all your inventory groups in the INVENT_GROUPS sheet by replacing the dummy data provided with your data.           

3. Fill all your inventory items in the INVENT_ITEMS sheet by replacing the dummy data provided with your data.

To fill INVENTORY_GROUP, UNIT and WAREHOUSE columns, please select from the list provided in each column. GROUP_NO and WAREHOUSE_NO will be populated automatically once the INVENTORY_GROUP and WAREHOUSE are selected. QUANTITY and AVG_COST must be filled manually.

Steps on how to Update/Synchronize Inventory Items through an Operational Activities Windows

1. Login in to the MMS System and click on Operational activities.

2. The Operational Activities window will open. Go to the left top corner and click Resources–> Synchronization to stores.

3. The new window will appear. Select the appropriate excel file and use the drop-down arrow in ‘Page’ selection to select INVENT_ITEMS. Click next button.

Fill first data row and last data row by selecting the first/last row of your data and click set. The rest of the columns are automatically filled in. Once you are done, click next button.

4. Review and select items to import. Press Test import to check that all rows will be successful imported. A summary of the import including any possible errors will appear at the bottom of the import log window. Click Save to save a copy of the test import. If any errors are found adjust the excel file and select the Reload file button. Click next to continue importing the data.

5. A new window will appear showing the number of records that have been imported successfully. Click Finish to exit.