Following the creation of definitions for all necessary custom elements (see issue 003), these can be used to build more complex element hierarchies, like pump stations or water treatment plants.

Create new element in Hierarchy Manager

In the EDAMS main window, click  to open Hierarchy Manager.

Tip: Click  on the top-left of the window to expand hierarchy for all elements.

Select a parent element from the list on the left to see the hierarchy of elements inside it:

Click  to create a new custom element under the currently selected one. Select the element you want to create and press Ok:

Tip: If you can’t see the element you just created in Hierarchy Manager, click the  button.

Tip: Elements not having a parent element can be found under the default Location:

Move elements between hierarchies

To move an existing element to a different parent element, click the  button. Select the item you want to move from the list on the left, the destination parent element from the list on the right, and click the  button:

After you are done rearranging the elements you want, press Move to save all transfers between hierarchies.